Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Testimonial from Glenda

We got this message the other day from a happy customer:

Dear John and Nic, 

I would like to offer the testimonial below for you and your business.  It's rather long, so feel free to shorten it.  Or if you want to suggest any edits, let me know.  Feel free to use my name.  Thank you for all that you give, both to the poultry you grow and the people who are nourished by eating them.  

Best wishes, 

I'm here to shout from the rooftops about the best chicken I have ever tasted, which I bought from Harmois Farms located in Whitmore Lake, Michigan.  But first I must make a confession.  For quite some time, I was aware of the Harnois Farm stand at the Farmer's Market in Ann Arbor.  But while I was always drawn to it and strongly tempted to go over to talk with the man sitting behind the white cooler--who always seem to be wearing one of the broadest smiles I'ver ever seen--something stopped me.  What was it?  Honestly, it was the cost.  I just wasn't sure about paying what I assumed would be a higher price per pound than I'm used to paying.  (Not that I buy chicken at the chain grocery stores.  For many years I've been painfully aware of the inhumane treatment of animals on many factory farms, and have bought chicken and other meat from suppliers that claim to treat animals humanely.)  Well, I'm here to report that with my first bite of the first chicken I bought from Harnois, I got it!  I had simply never tasted meat this delicious before.  And since my husband and I use very basic cooking methods, it had nothing to do with preparation. I'm at a loss for words as to how to describe it.  It simply felt like...well, like this, finally, is how chicken is supposed to taste!  Is it worth the extra cost?  My answer is an enthusiastic yes.  Harmois Farm raises poultry like they were meant to be raised.  And all we have to do is to show up and pay for it.  Yes, you might pay a little more, but I urge you to buy from these guys.  You'll be contributing not just to your good health but to sustainable, highly humane farming practices.  Trust me--you'll be glad you did.

--Glenda Haskell

Life Coach
Ann Arbor, MI 48107