Friday, October 5, 2012

Hi everybody! John and Nic here with an update about what’s happing here at Harnois Farms farm. Fall is upon us and things are in full swing. The Thursday Evening Market at Zingerman’s Roadhouse out at Westgate has come to an end but you can almost always find me at the downtown Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market at Kerrytown which is in full swing Wednesdays and Saturdays. These days one can usually find me Saturdays on the sidewalk of Fourth street neer the south end of the market. Wednesdays I can usually be found somewhere on the main aisle which parallels Detroit street. Even if you’re not buying, come say “hi”.


            These days we have we have: whole duck

                                                            Stewing ducks

                                                            Whole chicken

                                                            Half chicken

                                                            Whole chicken cut up into 8 pieces


                                                            Legs (thigh and drumstick)





                                                            Stewing hens (for soup stock)
                                                            Duck eggs
                                                            Pullet eggs

            AND … seeing as the leaves seem to be parting company with their mother trees, it must be fall and that means turkey time is upon us. This year we have a good supply of broad breasted turkeys and a more limited supply of heritage turkeys which this year are again Narragansett’s.

                                    AND …this means it’s Turkey Order Time!

            Come down to the farmer’s market at Kerrytown to place your order or you can call me @ 734.645.0300 or you can email me at and

 Thanks for stopping by, and will write again soon (I promise), John and Nic Harnois of Harnois Farms