Friday, November 19, 2010

In the Media...

Leading up to the biggest day of the year for a turkey farmer! I've done a number of interviews recently for the local media. I thought I'd list a few of them here for you.

It's Hot In Here, WCBN's environmental talk show, interview with John Nov 12 2010, "Talking Turkey with John Harnois of Harnois Farms" (coming soon)

Heritage Turkey Talk with John Harnois by Corinna Borden, on

Real Time Farms' John harnois site, with lots of pictures at the Ann Arbor Farmer's market.

"You've got to eat 'em to keep 'em alive"

John Harnois describes turkey anatomy

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  1. I am a big fan of your eggs sold at the Hiller's Market in downtown Northville. I called Hiller's to let them know that I would like for them to continue carrying your eggs (they sometimes run out of stock)and that I was so glad we had this local and organic alternative. I would like to do a story on your farm and products if possible. I would submit it to a magazine that distributes through businesses and promotes green living. If you are interested in this please contact: