Thursday, January 17, 2013

The New Year

hey there all you appreciaters of great food! i hope the winter is finding you well. Here on the farm things are a bit slower. In December we had the last of the meat chickens, turkeys, and ducks processed up at Munsell's Poultry Processing and in the freezers. We still have 700 or so layers laying, two geese, and two sets of ducks - one set past their prime and the other getting ready to lay. If you go to Zingerman's Deli you can order a John H. Turkey Pot Pie or a Berkshire Pork Pot Pie made with Nic's 4H project pig (Joyce). (My pot pie has a first name J-O-Y-C-E).
   At The Ann Arbor Farmer's Market, which is open on saturdays in beautiful Ann Arbor (who'd a thought!), we are purveying all sorts of goodies: whole chicken, half chicken, whole chickens cut up into 8 pieces, breasts, legs, wings, livers, gizards - (or lizards as I often mis-say), stewing hens for soup as well as feet. We also have whole duck, turkeys - both broad brested and heritage birds, and eggs. Oh! and we also have a few braising ducks!
      This saturday Nic and I are going to the Family Farms Conference in Battle Creek to  talk to interested people about raising poultry. We did this last year at the conference and it was fun. Apparently we did OK as they asked us back again and in the brochure it states "back by popular demand" so we must have done something correctly!
i want to learn to play the bass guitar.

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