Monday, April 13, 2015


update time!
we've been doing egg tastings of late at both Hiller's in Ann Arbor and Plum Ann Arbor and plan on being at Plum again this Sunday April 19th. we've been coming to the Ann Arbor Farmer's Market at Kerrytown on Saturdays still and will continue to do so.
as a reminder; our eggs are available at these fine, fine locations: Plum Ann Arbor, 8 of the Hiller's Market locales, Arbor Farms, Zingerman's Creamery, and The Ann Arbor People's Food Coop. our duck eggs are offered at Argus Farm Stop on Liberty and Second in Ann Arbor. and of course chicken, duck, and goose eggs are at the farmer's market. although, the goose eggs are in short supply still as they are just starting to lay again.
as far as our other offerings at both the farmer's market and Argus Farm Stop;
whole chickens,
whole duck,
 whole goose,
whole guineas,
whole Narraganset turkey,
whole broad breasted turkey,
stewing hens,
feet and necks,
chicken gizzards,
duck liver and gizzards.
and Cornish hen
I think that's all folks


  1. Hello Farmer John,
    I am the lady from "Chicago" who purchased a doz eggs at the Farmers Market Saturday. We made a delicious heuvos rancheros for Saturday breakfast (which we enjoyed with an oh-so spicy Bloody Mary), I will look for a Facebook page of your farm and post you a photo. Thanks and until next time, cluck, cluck!

  2. You can email me "Ami kil" at